We offer every child opportunity to grow and to learn. We realize that not every child has the drive, determination or natural talent to become a professional dancer. However, we believe that every child deserves the chance to try!

Opportunity to grow and to learn

Dancers are only made through hours of practicing technique to perfect control of every part of the mind and body. Congratulation to you, Parents, for giving your child a chance to build a beautiful, strong, healthy body & mind and to enter into the art of dancing!

There are many dance schools in the area, however, we are proud to be distinguished by our own concept and teaching methods, aimed for high results and general development in the field of dance. The peculiarity of our training program is that the individual attention is drawn to overall physical development.

Body preparation

Besides versatile dancing, the classes always start with a body preparation work out/ warm-up, such as: bare work, floor bare, stretching and flexibility programs and follows with the “across the floor” – where the students practice technical elements, such as high-kicks, turns, leaps, jumps, dance and acrobatic tricks etc.

The programs are designed to increase fitness levels by building stamina and strength, develop flexibility, coordination, muscular endurance through a mixture of techniques from jazz, ballet, Pilates, and yoga.

The exercises strengthen and stylize the body and help us get a fluid and elegant yet energetic and fast movement. The classes are structured to incorporate a variety of technique, creativity, expression and performance. As children progress through the grades they experience a variety of styles, as well as learning to interpret different styles of music.


Introduction of Jazz Dance. These lessons are specially-designed to introduce and help kids learn both brain and body coordination, balance and musicality. This class introduces the basic dance movements, posture and proper hand, arm and foot positions. Plus, Pre-Dance has shown to help strengthen children’s individual muscles as they are developing.


Floor-Barre. Dance training with a variety of different programs that consist of combined exercises from ballet, dance pilates, yoga, that enables the dancer to efficiently and effectively strengthen joints and muscles, correct alignment, release tension, and prevent and rehabilitate injuries. It is designed to increase flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, muscle control, discipline and concentration, and improve technique (including turn out of the hips) and alignment.


Jazz class focuses on learning proper dance technique – barre, center, and across-the-floor progressions and combos, where the students practice technical elements, such as grand batmans, leaps, jumps and turns.


Versatile dancing – (all styles of jazz, modern dance, show dance, ballroom & latin), students will be learning new dance number at a time. Which will be thoroughly polished, rehearsed, and only then presented at the competitions/events.


Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms. This art of dance was born in the 18th century and has continued to evolve into today’s world renowned entertainment. Students will learn terminology in French, correct body alignment, how to improve their natural turn-out and develop love for the most graceful living art.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a style of Jazz Dance incorporating Break Dancing, Popping, Locking, and Urban Funk. Hip Hop is now being taught in most dance studios across the country. It is a great choice for dancers with little former training or beginning late in life. It’s Funky and Fun!

Private Classes

Private & semi-private lessons are the best way to achieve results in the shortest period of time with individualized attention. Whether you want to develop your artistry or fine-tune your technique, working one-on-one with a teacher can help take your dancing to the next level. If you are having a problem with the turns or you want to gain more flexibility, the teacher can tailor exercises to help strengthen those weaknesses. If you are at the top of your class, a one-on-one session can challenge you. If you are slightly behind, the time can be spent going over basics.

Open Classes

Open classes are held sometime in the middle of the academic year. Parents are invited into the classroom to observe the class and see the progress of their child.

Team Rehearsals

Leading Team rehearsals will be held usually on Saturdays, are always prior to competitions or other dance events. Parents will be notified in advance about the dates.

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