We always want to present a polished appearance, either it is a regular class or stage performance.

Suggestion! Please put your child’s name inside the instep of all shoes, uniforms, and costumes. Please label all your belongings.

The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Hair & Jewellery

It is important that your child’s hair is pulled up and out of her face, in either a bun, pony tail or French braid.

No jewelry is allowed for safety reasons.


Students are to wear proper dance attire. ASDS’s apparel (ask at the reception desk or check our online-store) or leotards/fitted tops, tights/leggings/shorts, unitards, are all acceptable. Color – black. Any style or material is acceptable.

Dance shoes

Soft ballet shoes pink color for all students. And, split sole tan color jazz shoes for Jazz 3 & Jazz 4. It is best to have your child try dance shoes on, dance shoes should not fit loosely. DO NOT wear dance shoes outside. Wearing dance shoes outside ruins the sole and also tracks dirt, oil & grave into the studio, causing damage to the customized floors.

All uniform items can be purchased from our shop and staff will be happy to help you with any extra items that are required.

Performance Dress Code

  • DO NOT WEAR, but BRING your costume in a garment bag.
  • NO fingernail or toenail polish.
  • NO chewing gum.
  • NO jewelry.
  • Please have your hair perfectly done and makeup applied upon arrival.
  • No underwear is to be worn with costumes. Mature dancers must wear a bra and/or correct support undergarments. Only nude/beige color underwear is acceptable.
  • No food or beverage while wearing stage costume is allowed.
  • Ballet slippers and jazz shoes should appear new! The costumes clean!
  • And, please, be always punctual!
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