Anna Sologub

Owner and Director

ANNA SOLOGUB is the owner and director of the Anna Sologub Dance School in Marbella, also dance coach and choreographer Anna was born and raised in Moldova where she began her career at the tender age of 6.

“I finished at the top of the class the Choreographic Lyceum of Chisinau, where I specialized in DanceSport (Ballroom and Latin dancing) among other art disciplines. Even though I could obtain formidable achievements in foreign language studies and fine arts, I have chosen the dance career.

As a young adult I joined the prestigious Codreanca DanceSport Club, multiple winners of IDSF European and World Formation Championships”, Anna explains.

Anna’s first professional opportunity knocked on her door at the age of 17.

“The stage became my favorite place that brought out the best in me. I went on to master other dance styles (like jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance), I undertook private lessons and workshops with world-class performers and instructors and I was lucky to study under renowned choreographers throughout my career”, Anna continues.

“I also performed around the world as a lead dancer in major revues and stage productions, which brings me beautiful and sweet memories I cherish every day”.Relocating to Marbella in 2008, Anna fell in love with the sunny weather and the quality of living, on the other side she noticed an enormous lack of dance culture.

With her impressive experience, she had the idea of opening a dance school. “I started literally with one student, now we count over 50 and the numbers continue growing. ”I am content with the overall progress of our school, the girls have started to compete with success on a regular basis at national competitions, and perform in festivals and events.

We also are very proud to announce that from September 2018, our school will be a part of Private Education and Professional Development of Dance in Spain, the program and exams are recognized nationally.” Although deeply fulfilling, Anna explains her chosen field is not all plain sailing, “Being a dance teacher is not the easiest or the most glamorous job in the world. It is also not the one with the highest pay or the most consistent rewards.

Sometimes I feel exhausted. Sometimes I become discouraged by an unkind remark or overwhelmed by the endless work. But there are many reasons I do what I do. Although I appreciate the thank-you cards that my students give me through the year, my greatest gift is watching a class of beginning students right before their first performance and realize what they have accomplished in their first year of dance.

To notice the technical improvement in an upper-level class over the course of an academic year. My students are visual proof of my accomplishments in the last ten months. Even those who began with nothing are now able to step onstage in front of their parents and friends to display a talent they might not have discovered or developed without my knowledge and encouragement.” Anna sums up perfectly what dance means to her and her students. “Every child in my class is a “work of art in progress,” and each class gives me the opportunity to mold them into something new and better.”

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