A selection of our pupils perform every year at national dance competitions, festivals and other creative events in and around Marbella area, which overall makes a wonderful experience for both students and their parents, as pupils love to interact with other dancers, demonstrate all they have attained, and build their theater and performance skills.

Competitions & Events

Results & Achievements 2017/2018

  • Dance Competition “Dancer Of The Year” (ASDS)

JAZZ 1: Leonna Chiselita/ JAZZ 2: Bella Krisp/
JAZZ 3: Milana Budyuk/ JAZZ 4: Valeria Budyuk

  • 30 June, National Dance Championship “Fit Kid” (Malaga)

JAZZ 1: silver/ JAZZ 2: bronze/ JAZZ 3: silver/ JAZZ 4: bronze

  • 16 June, Charity Gala “Help Nepal” (Marbella, Nikky Beach Privee)
  • 10 June, National Dance Competition “Hispalis 2018”, final (Sevilla)

JAZZ 4: bronze

  • 27 May, National Dance Competition “Vive Tu Sueno”, semifinal (Andalucia)

All 4 groups have passed to the final!

  • 17 March, Dance Exhibition “Pitarch’s Events” (Marbella)
  • 8 April, National Dance Competition “Hispalis 2018”, semifinal (Sevilla)

JAZZ 4: Pass to the final!

  • 6 March, Annual Photo Shoot (Marbella)
  • 25 November, National Dance Competition (Valencia)
  • 11 October, International Art Festival “Artista” (Benalmadena)

JAZZ 4: GRAND PRIX winners!

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